Advertising On Thetford Radio .com


Terms and Conditions for Advertising on Website.

Thank you very much for your interest in advertising with us.

We have 4 spaces / positions to advertise on our website. These appear on both the full web browser and on a mobile device version of our site. All can have click through links to your destination, i.e. your Website or your Facebook Page (one link per location below).

The website locations are described below and are also shown on our actual Website Pages. If they are available they are shown as coloured rectangles so you can see the positions and spaces. Please note they are on a first come first served basis and the terms below.

*The pixel sizes are approximate and as a guide to artwork creation. These may vary on some screens & mobile devices if set to scale to fit and with portrait to landscape rotation.

Thetford Radio Advertise Rate Card July.


“PPCM”: Means Price Per Calendar Month.

“PPCM 6 Months Booked”: Means Price Per Calendar Month if booked for 6 months at once.

“Buyer”: Means the person placing the order with Thetford Radio (whether it be the Advertiser, the Agency, the Advertiser’s media buyer or other third party acting on behalf of the Advertiser).

Adverts run from first day to the last day of each month.

Payments are paid per calendar month a month in advance. Once an advert is placed it is to stay in place for the duration of the month, no refunds are given to an advert campaign finishing earlier than the end of month and no editing of the advert is permitted during the month the advert runs. If you the Buyer are advertising an offer you must ensure the advert and the offer coincide in the same month.

Booking of advertising space on the Thetford Radio website will only be confirmed upon receipt of a completed booking form with correct and working Hyperlinks provided in an email to copy paste straight into the website editor.

Advert artwork must be submitted by 15th of the month prior and payments cleared by the 20th of the month prior for the Advert to run.

We currently do not offer an editing or artwork creating service, artwork must be supplied ready and ‘as is’. It is you the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure all files can be supplied in an accepted format of JPEG or PNG and as close as possible to both the Website and Mobile pixel sizes stated above.

It is you the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that any files supplied are accurate, legal, copyright free and conform to the British Code of Advertising Practice, accurately reflecting the product and / or service being advertised.

You the Buyer acknowledges that Branded Content may need to be labelled as advertising to ensure that it complies with Advertising Regulations and that if the Branded Content is not obviously identifiable as a marketing communication we may withhold publication.

The Buyer acknowledges that Thetford Radio will label Sponsored Content as “sponsored by” (or such other label as Thetford Radio deems appropriate at its sole discretion) to ensure that it complies with Advertising Regulations.

Thetford Radio will take no responsibility for any errors found at a later date on your placed advert and takes no responsibility for loss or damage resulting in an advert being incorrect.

Thetford Radio reserves the right to refuse to publish advertising which may be defamatory or offensive, or which promote products that may be considered indecent or illegal. Thetford Radio can make no guarantee that any advertising will be successful and takes no responsibility for results generated from any advertising with us.

Thetford Radio reserves the right to remove any advertising from a Buyer who are deemed to have brought the brand into disrepute or which have been requested to be removed by the relevant legal or regulatory authorities without notice and without recourse. Refunds will not be made.

Cancellation of advertising space should be made in writing, no later than the 20th of the month prior and no refunds are to be given.

We may from time to time include with any advert order placed a space on our Facebook Header. This will be just as an image / your logo and may vary in size and should be seen as just a bonus and not a guarantee it will happen. It will be titled as ‘Some of our sponsors:‘ or ‘Some of long term sponsors:‘   If you do not want to be included in this please let us know.

Our Privacy Policy can be found here: Privacy Policy

Please note due to our current licensing conditions we cannot provide ‘on the air adverts'. We can & will mention ' please check out our website for our sponsors '. We will also have a jingle for saying this when Auto DJ is running (when there are no Live Shows).

If this is of interest please do get in touch for a booking form by clicking this link and our Contact Page