Amazon Alexa owners:


You can now tune in to Thetford Radio on your device!


Note that "Live365" is pronounced "live three sixty-five."

To begin listening to Live365 on your Alexa, you first need to enable the Live365 Alexa Skill in the Alexa Skills Store. Search “Live365”

Once there, select “Enable” and you will then be able to access Live365 on all of your available Alexa devices. You can also enable the Live365 skill by simply saying "Alexa, Enable Live365 Skill."

After enabling the Live365 skill, tune into Live365 by saying “Alexa, play Live365!” You will then be prompted to pick a station or genre.

To pick Thetford Radio on Live365, say "Play THETFORD RADIO."

Note that "Live365" is pronounced "live three sixty-five."


More help information can be found here: LIVE365 Website

Thank you and enjoy, Neil & Matt

There are now lots of new ways to Listen to Thetford Radio.
Not just through your Web Browser but also on your Android or iOS mobile phone, on your Smart TV, Sonos, Alexa, Wearable Gear, Smart Devices and even in some cars!