How to Listen to Thetford Radio

There are lots of ways to Listen to Thetford Radio.
Not just on your Web Browser but also on your Android or iOS mobile phone,

on your Smart TV, Sonos, Alexa, Wearable Gear, Smart Devices and even in some cars!

Laptop Live365 Thetford Radio.jpg

Web Browser

Use the LIVE365 Player on your current Web Browser in a new window.


iPhone iPad

Download the Live365 app from your Apple App Store and once installed search for “Thetford Radio“

Thetford Radio Alexa.png


On your Alexa enable the Live365 skill by saying “Alexa, enable Live Three Sixty Five”. Once installed to listen, just say “Alexa, ask Live Three Sixty Five to play “Thetford Radio“. More help here

Smart TV Thetford Radio.jpg

Smart Tv

On your Smart TV find and add the music app called myTuner.

Once installed search for “Thetford Radio“.

Why not add us to your favorites too.

Thetford Radio Carplay.jpg

iOS CarPlay

With your iPhone and CarPlay compatible car. Connect to your car using the myTuner app. Once installed search for “Thetford Radio“.



Radio Box

Listen with your Web Browser, Andriod device or iPhone. 
Search for “Thetford Radio“. 

Visit Online Radio Box's site through the link.


LIVE365 Site

Listen to Thetford Radio direct off the LIVE365 website through the button below.



Download the Live365 app from your Google Play Store and once installed search for “Thetford Radio“

Thetford Radio Sonos.jpg


On your Sonos find and add the music service called myTuner . Once added then search for “Thetford Radio“.

You can find instructions on the Sonos Website through this link.

Thetford Radio Firestick.jpg

Other Ways

Wearable Gear, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku TV, Apple TV and Android TV via the myTuner app. Once installed search for “Thetford Radio“.

Thetford Radio androidauto.jpg

Android Auto

With your Andriod Phone and Android Auto compatible car. Connect to your car using the myTuner app. Once installed search for “Thetford Radio“.