Have Your Own Show On Thetford Radio

Do you have your own show to broadcast out to your followers and the local community?

Maybe an hour Faith Show or a 50s Show that can be broadcast from your home. We are currently providing an access platform to do this for free and it's great being involved. There are lots of benefits for hosting your own show including being part of a great team, adding new skill sets to your CV / job application, building an audience and creating a following is rewarding too.

Please do read the initial checks, conditions and requirements below.

If you meet all these we have our more detailed Broadcasting Terms to be agreed & signed, then it's just down to scheduling you in.

When connecting to our server it must be from an encoder that can push an Icecast2 stream as MP3 128kbps with Metadata. You will need to check you can provide this, not all encoders broadcast metadata and may only provide the audio. For our licensing we can only accept DJs/ Shows that broadcast and use metadata and your files must transmit the correct metadata for copyrighted content (Artist - Title). For example, ‘Untitled’ or named ‘Various artists’ must be edited correctly before broadcasting.

Software to use for a DJ mixed show that broadcasts are Virtual DJ Pro and Traktor Pro. If it's more of talk and play the next song show there are lots that do that using a plug-in for example Winamp or Mixxx which is free.

If you are not sure, to start with here are some encoders and software for broadcasting live to our servers:

Click here.  (Remember to check that these stream metadata if you have music in your show).                 


All material and music you broadcast must be legally sourced, purchased and owned by you and if any music is from an independent artist or group you have been given the right to do so. Our music licensing does not enable us to cover independent artists, but if you receive permission from them directly to use their tracks on your show (via email or written permission), then they effectively are allowing you to play their songs without expectations of royalty compensation. 

Time: Please make sure you have enough time to not only do a weekly show but as well as the background work, preparation and promotion of the show.

You agree to our terms and take full responsibility for anything you broadcast. Broadcast includes anything and all that is spoken, any music, images, or written through our services. 

If the above works for you and your set up please do get in touch through our Contact Form with all your details. Thank you, Neil & Matt